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Laser Cut Wood

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We now have laser cut wood in our shop! We are busy cutting and designing appliqués, ornaments, trays, plates and other fun stuff to paint! Not only can we cut wood, we can etch wood and various surfaces, cut stencils and put personalization on various products. The woods in our Laser creations are Baltic Birch and MDF. There are some standard pieces, some unique pieces that we have designed and some that our customers requested that we loved too.

We will also cut ornaments and other cutout designs. (1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness.) Etching can be done on thicknesses up to 6 inches. We enjoy creating designs for our customers and can cut a custom wood surface from a picture or a line drawing. Special wood for special projects can be requested and an estimate will be e-mailed to you upon request. Don't hesitate to email or call us to discuss this option.

Things we can do:
Etch awards, Cut lettering, Etch pictures from a photograph, Etch Sign boards.

Please send us an email if you want further information on the above products.

In the meantime, please browse through our Laser Cut wood selection and see if you can find something you just can't live without